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August 20, 2018

I can only share my own  experiences. 


I  used to move  passively through this life- choosing to dwell on what I lacked, choosing to focus on lost times. I knew I had talent, I knew I was good...but I still could not see my success,  the constant comparison to other and in my eyes, better artists. It affected me. 


The hunger to succeed has always been present however, the insecurities over powered it . 


 Something in me changed- the feeling of desperation, starvation, anger & passion overwhelmed me. I all of a sudden had this incredible energy. 


I find myself harnessing all of my strengths & weaknesses. 

I have never felt so powerful-choosing to see past my insecurities, choosing to see & feel clarity...I've reinterpreted my life countless times. we can edit & change our lives- we can change our lives by redefining who we are.


Every minute of the day counts- if there is something you are not content is your responsibility to make those changes. nobody wants the best for you like you do. 


achieve an unimaginable level of excellence....and ask yourself - what is your standard of living? what do i need to do to achieve these goals?  


your life is going to follow your thoughts...change your thinking so you can change your life. our thoughts determine our moods & self image. 


choose with intention. 





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